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Have I left It Too Late?/Unsure What To Do

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Had a college interview yesterday and had a few tests to see what levels I was working at for maths and english. After doing the tests, we were sent down to reception and were then called back up to talk to one of the tutors.

I got called in and the teacher went through my form. I put on my form that I'm visually impaired (it didn't ask what exactly what was wrong with me) and I handed her two pieces of paper, which explained what my diagnosis is and what it means for me. They said they're going to discuss my needs and find out what else I may need. (they know I need yellow paper and need extra time for reading/exams)

Anyway, she explained that because of the problems I have (can't read well, eyes get tried easily, can't read standard size print, etc) they were thinking of putting me on to another course. She also said that I may not be able to become a nurse for that reason. :( However, I've been asked to contact occupational health to see what they say about it.

This now puts me in a difficult position:
I have no idea what I want to do when I'm older. Originally, I was doing Law, Maths & Biology and was hoping to o something relating to forensic science. I recently discovered that I can't do this, because I have poor colour vision.

I am thinking of taking another year out (I'm currently on one because I felt as though studying and dealin with self harm was far too much for me) and get some work experience, to then hopefully make a decision on what I want to do.

Either that, or I was going to have another go at A-Levels and was thinking of doing Maths, Law & Chemistry/Computing.

Have I left it too late to re-apply for September?


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    Probably not, but you need to get in touch with prosepctive colleges to do 'A' levels asap - consider most will be on Easter break now, but most admissions departments should have someone in.

    I dont think I applied for my NVQ's until May/June for the following September.
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    not too late. I am the queen of last minute, now should be fine. I find you have to kinda just sit yourself in someones office for a whole day to get things sorted last minute, but it can be done with a bit of determination.
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    Thanks. I think I'm probably going to get some work experience (computer related probably) and then do GCSE English and possibly AS Maths in September.
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