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Quitting fulltime for temping

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
I really really hate my job. I've just had two days off sick and I feel worse at the thought of going back than I have done over the last three days with a tummy bug.

My boss is a nightmare. I've got all the classic signs of stress. Ironic thing is that she is the most senior HR person there and has just brought in a new 'stress policy' which advises those who are stressed to talk to their line manager, or, if they are the ones causing the problem, to go to her - ARGH, vicious circle cos I'm supposed to end up talking to her and she's the one causing the problem!

I have tried talking to her before - all I get it the attitude of a 14 year old from her, a 36 year old. She's the type to asskiss the boss and stamp her feet until she gets her own way, so usually does. I've been to her boss too and it got straight back to her and nothing changed. Everybody knows how bad she is but because she's so close to the boss, noone will say anything.

I've got seven years admin experience and good enough IT user qualifications to be able to go into any admin / receptionist / typist job. There are lots of agencies around here which always have admin jobs. A few years ago I saw about five of them and they all said that my month's notice was a problem because their clients wanted someone 'next week' not 'next month'.

Should I quit this job and temp for a while, say two-three months max whilst I find something more permanent?

The job I have now pays nearly £19k with healthcare and a good pension contribution, due to go up to £20k in July. I realise I would only get £6-7p/hr for temping but it's more the break from the stress I need.. proving money isn't everything!


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    BunnieBunnie Posts: 6,099 Master Poster
    I would suggest initially emailing agencies and see what they say - I know a lot do get 'heads up' on some jobs and know when they are coming in, as well as start dates being further away.

    Or perhaps grab the local paper and glance over the jobs section.

    I wouldnt personally give up a perm job for temp as they are too risky for the 'overheads' I have.

    You say you are in HR? Have you tried contacting your local supermarkets and larger companies direct to see if they have any vacancies? What's the worst they can say?

    Just looking for a job may relieve some stress as you will feel like you are on your way out.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    That sounds very risky to me. I'd be concerned about not finding permanent work straight away.

    What I would do first is take a load of annual leave and use it to primarily chill out, then attend interviews and trawl round agencies. If that doesn't work, then I'd quit the job.

    I've been in that situation a lot, when you're desperate to leave a job but need to pay the bills. It's not easy and I appreciate your predicament. It's up to you, only you know what's best.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Well, as of today, I've been signed off for a week with stress. I went into work this morning, but called in to see Occ Health at 9am (I start at 8.30am) and they sent me straight home on the basis that I "generally wasn't well". It gave me the chance to go see my own doctor and he signed me off. I suggested a week - he was going to make it for my full notice period!

    I phoned Occ Health to tell them, then my other colleague (who is equal to my boss but not in charge of me) and she's obviously had words with my boss, as she's txt me tonight.

    I spent today with my mum and tonight out of the house with a friend to take my mind off it. Have found a 5-6 jobs to apply for so I'm going to sort my applications for those and then chill out over the weekend.

    Am due back in work on Wednesday but not until after my appointment with Occ Health at 9.30am, by which time my nice colleague will have done the school run and be in when I get there so that I don't get full barrels from the nightmare as soon as I step in the office.

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