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Feeling somewhat snowed under

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I recently got this job as a freelance sub-editor at a new magazine that's being launched soon.

I've been told that I will be the only one subbing the articles in order that I keep the same sort of uniform style. I've ended up subbing around ten articles so far but have just gone onto our staff forum and found out that most have them have now been rewritten without me knowing and will need subbing again. Not to mention there is a lot more content I've not even received yet.

I've also known I would be helping update to the website and was under the impression I'd be using a web-based content management system which I've now found out not to be true. Although I have a little experience with Dreamweaver I'm now being told that I will be given a copy of the program and have to make web-pages from scratch. I do not feel comfortable at all in doing this and think this is terribly unprofessional.

I'm getting phonecalls all over the place and nearly every day. Usually I wouldn't mindbut I'm getting phonecalls at midnight on a Sunday for work to be delivered at 6am. They know that I'm still a third year student, have a dissertation to write but it's starting to interfere a little bit. I also have a part-time job which my weekends are dedicated to and they keep phoning me during this job in order to complete and finish work that needs to be done BEFORE my shift ends.

Add to that I've not been paid yet... well I'm starting to get a little bit stressed out. Our publication date is in April and I've somehow got to edit around 100 pages worth of content between now and then and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

Add to this I'm actually really rather unwell at the moment and they know this yet are expecting me to still be working!

Any words of encouragement please :(
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