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bi polar disorder

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my housemate is bi-polar she was diagnosed about 6 months ago i think and so far they havent managed to find the right medication to put her on to help the mood swings and i was just wondering if anyone here had any advice on how i could help her because shes one of my best friends. I also walked in to her room last night and found her cutting herself and i didnt know what to do that would be helpful like how to help her clean it or anything like that. So any advice would be helpful...i just dont know what to do to help really.


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    oh hon thats rough on you both,huh?
    my mates got bi polar and refuses meds (I sympathise, as am borderline personality and refuse them too as have tried several, none really seemed to work)
    she has phases where she is up, and its quite scary frankly. she spends more than she has (shes bought a horse!) and her and her partner are in danger of bankruptcy. when she is down she wants to die, and seh crys non stop, and my heart bleeds for her.
    just be there for her-find out as much as you can about the condition.
    the SI bit-if you can, help her to clean up her cuts, I use savlon on mine (it stings like a bitch, but seems to keep it v clean) then when it starts to knit, I use vitamin e oil (u can get it from Holland and barrett, they sometimes have it on offer for a couple of quid, and its BRILLIANT for reducing scar appearance.)
    Is she getting help for this? and have you got someone to talk to about it? its hard on her having this condition, but its tough for you too, you seem as if you feel a bit responsible for looking after her-please dont take it on yourself too much. there are ways of being supportive and caring without making yourself ill into the bargin. (although its easy for me to say this, I havent always taken my own advice) (isnt it easier to be clear eyed aabout other peoples lives?!)
    good luck , PM me if you wanna chat at all
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    All you have to do is be a friend to her and try and be as understanding and supportive as possible. Be there for her to talk to and let her know that you care. Give her encouraging words when she's feeling like crap and remind her that this is something that can be controlled. Loads of people lead 'normal' lives when they are bi-polar.

    I have a good friend who is having a hard time with it but shes managing and I think it's just helpful having someone there when u need it. xxx
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