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Giving up drugs

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So I've taken all sorts of drugs since the age of 14/15 and I'm now 22 and about to graduate. And last night I went out to sort of semi-celebrate that before I get down to finishing my dissertation.

I was with a couple of mates, all of whom are pill munchers, I'm not overly keen on pills but was in the mood. We all agreed to drop.

So we got some stuff and I dropped. Except all my friends suddenly told me afterwards that they had changed their minds' and that they wanted to go home. So I come up and my friends are making me leave.

I ended up sitting in my living room with one friend asleep on the couch, buzzing like mad, no stimulation, no chat, no nothing. It was HORRIBLE.

I tried to go to sleep, as I was feeling slightly tired and would have been able to except my brain was going into over-drive and I was having these closed eyes hallucinations that just didn't stop. I tried to read. I came downstairs and messed around on Youtube until I calmed down a little bit and could lay down and sort of meditate myself to sleep.

So I think I may just jack it in. I can't be bothered to do drugs anymore and I spend most of my weekends working at a club watching pilled up people be silly.

Has anybody else given up the drugs? How difficult is it to go clubbing without being tempted into it. I'm pretty impressionable after a few drinks. Is it easy?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I've given up drugs ...apart from cannabis nicotine and alcohol.
    I had a similar experience to yours but in a much different environment ...JAIL!
    I was bussed out of Strangeways to court ...was passed a bag of speed which i smuggled back with me. I had doubts as the best thing you can possibly do in jail ...is sleep. You learn to sleep lots ...it's the only real escape but ...i decided i'd have some.
    Pacing all night long ...sweating ...pacing buzzing. No running water or toilet. No soft drinks or beer. No music ...it was hell!
    First thing in the morning i found a guy who swapped me for tobbaco and cannabis . Couple od days later i saw the guy ...frazzled ...burnt out ...demented ...and he'd justy found some other sucker to swap it ...for cannabis and tobbaco.
    Theres a time for everything.
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    Your friends sound annoying... I'd have stayed out and made some new ones!
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