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Student money options - Critical

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Hey guys, I have tried all the avenues I can think of...so thought I would see if anyone here can offer some advice too.

I am currently studying on a HND in S.Wales, and am skint.

Not just skint...I'm talking been living off my canned food reserves and going to run out in 2 days...cannot afford to actually get to uni or buy essentials like shower gel skint.

I have applied once, to a 'Financial contingency fund' that my UNI do... and got it last term....which did keep me going for a while...

I have applied for it again...and despite my serious lack of money... they said 'no go'.

I don't just waste my money, it is mainly spent on rent, petrol, food and the odd night out... I just hardly get any student loan.

My parents cannot afford to give me any money, neither can any of my immediate relatives... and I have fuck all I can sell...

and I need to get £300 by the 1st of next month or I get kicked out of my flat.

Any suggestions of things I can apply for? They cannot get me an appointment to appeal their decision to give me emergency contingency money until the 5th of next month, where as I will literally be unable to eat...get to uni...or even bathe within a maximum of seven days:crying:

I really have no idea where else to go, Uni won't support me...parent cannot afford to...I cannot find a job in my area no matter how hard I look... and I have nothing left to sell.



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    Get in touch with your students union and your tutor.

    They may be able to get the review brought forward or put you in touch with some other form of support. Also get in touch with the uni job shop if they have one and explain you are desperate and will do pretty much anything.
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    Thanks, I have now filled in a form for a review but that will still take x amount of working days.

    I'll pop into the job shop tomorrow, but I doubt they will be able to help. I'm already registered with around 12 different job agencies / finders. This area is just dead for part time jobs:grump:
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    bin raid
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    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Have you spoken to your landlord to see if they can give you some more time to come up with the money?! It could be worth a go. If you get out of this situation now what is going to change to stop it happening again it could be worth speaking to someone to help you get your money in order, you can contact then now too to see if they have any advice to offer. I agree with Scary Monster you really need to find a job to help you right now, is there any work going a little further out from where you are looking. Have you spoken to your friends about this, is there anything they can do to help even if it is just giving you a spare tin of beans.
    I hope things work out for you, good luck with it.
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    Just a quick update, my parents have been able to loan me the money for the time being. I've also applied for pretty much every job I could find advertised, which is pretty much just cold calling... but it is something.

    The UNI does not offer any other support, and apparently because I had help last year/term... they won't this time as the last time was supposed to be enough to last the whole year.

    Thing is I hardly spend any money, but my rent vs student loan hardly gives me any cash left over to use for living...so without a job = Super Uber Skint.

    Thanks for your advice guys, more than what my UNI bothered to try and say.

    Luckily after looking on numerous job sites late yesterday/today there are a few part time jobs that would fit into my UNI hours...which I am applying for.

    Until now, within about 40 miles of me (Cardiff) there really has been nothing in terms of jobs available:impissed:
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