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Finding an MA overseas

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I'm a British physics student who will be graduating in the UK in June.

I want to do an MA in conflict/war studies at any university in Portugal

(I'm half Portuguese but my Portuguese is limited so it needs to be a course taught in English)

I'm writing to ask if anyone knows of a website I can look at to get advice or search courses, I've emailed Porto, Minho and a couple of the Lisbon unis but they're being slow and I need to find out if this is possible quickly (otherwise I have to take the physics masters at my home uni which I REALLY don't want to do)



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    Ok... I know this is random...

    Are you interested in going anywhere other than Portugal?

    The University for Peace in Costa Rica offers a lot of courses in that area. There is also a route you can go which offers training to work in conflict resolution and a certificate recognised by the EU, though I forget what it is called at the moment.

    A friend of mine is at the uni I mentioned now! Though he is Brazilian and fluent in a few languages (amazing fellow, but talks a lot!). It's something I'm keeping in mind too.
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    Hi, I think you have done the right thing by contacting the universities directly. If they are being slow at getting back to you it might be because you contacted a general enquires email and it is taking a while to filter through to the right person. So you could try finding details of anyone in the departments you are interested in and emailing them directly or likewise ring them. Just keep trying to get in contact until you get a response...
    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the replies. Yeah Portugal is a really important part of my future plans I need to get my Portuguese up to scratch and I think living there for a while is the only way to do that.

    I'm starting to worry that I can't change my "subject" this drastically, (science to politics/sociology), I'm sure it's ok to do that here the UK?
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    Just in case anyone else is interested and looks at this, I found out about this site which is useful for finding courses overseas:

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