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Technical problem with the Forum?

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There seems to be a technical problem with the Sex forum at the moment, preventing people from replying to some (many?) threads there.

Take a look at the Topic list of the sex forum and see the dates (of most recent posts) on the far right. Notice the fault yet?

Topics are listed in order of most recent posting, yet the dates of most recent posts are not in descending order. That's a symptom of the problem I encountered earlier. People are replying to existing discussions, and the post is not appearing, even though the topic moved to the top of the list.

I noticed this first-hand when I attempted to reply to a thread earlier. I posted, got the normal resonse and redirection back to the discussion, but my post wasn't there. I thought at first perhaps it was a problem where my browser had cached the prior version of the page and not grabbed the updated one, but even on flushing the cache, and using Ctrl+ Refresh, it would not show my post.

I'm now sure that I'm not alone in that. Take a look at the Sex forum and look at the dates. The thread entitled 'The Penis' has a 'last post' date of 09-02-2002 16:50 right now, yet is listed directly above (i.e. more recently updated than) the discussion on 'Masturbation' which shows a 'last post' date of 10-02-2002 10:38.

Just thought I'd better bring this to your attention as soon as possible, since there seem to be a lot of people trying (unsuccessfully) to post on the Sex forum, and being frustrated by a glitch in the system.

For the techies, it looks as though the CGI is failing to write in the new post changes on these old threads, even though it updates the last posts shown on the main forums list, and is rearranging the order of topics according to the last attempt to post a reply.

New discussions seem to be fine, however, so its an odd one. Sorry I can't be of more help in identifying which part of the script has the bug, or what that bug may be.
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    It was happening all day yesterday, we're trying to fix the problem but beware, may get a few more glitches in the process...

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