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healthy grub

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just wanted some advice really..i'm going shopping this weekend and whilst i think i've been eating healthily..it can't hurt to try and eat a bit more healthily preferably i'd like to lose some flub cuz i think i've put some on being a student n all..also i get tired so easily so any food with energy would be great

my budget for food is £30 maximum for the week (eating with 2 other people as well)

thanks in advance :)


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    Nahh I'm not veggie. I'm one of those awkward people that doesn't really like veg apart from potatoes, sweetcorn but can usually eat stuff like mushrooms or onion if it's mixed in well :)

    The red pepper stuffed with cous cous sounds lovely. Do you cook it all together or something or is it just raw pepper with the top cut off? Also I have the packet cous cous..is that ok?

    Can you tell me your soup recipes pleeease? They sound good from what I've seen you say. Plus another one, err any ideas for quick lunches? At the moment we have bread (white bread I know :blush: ) with butter, ham, salad, salad cream and cheese inside or scrambled egg on toast.

    Another problem is I have limited space in my fridge cuz I share..it's like one small shelf, one small drawer (for veg and salad) and a bit of space in the side for bottles and stuff.
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    i need a blender!! defo gonna try the pea and ham soup recipe and pepper with cous cous :) do you put the pepper on a baking tray? does it fall over? im clueless and what does blanching mean?
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    J wrote: »
    Isn't blanching less than half boiled? I can never remember!

    What you do to veg, especially if they're going to be frozen. Put them into boiling water, sometimes for a few minutes sometimes for a few seconds, drain then put into iced water to stop them from cooking further.

    Blanching helps the veg to freeze quicker, kills germs and bacteria to improve freezer life and helps retain vitamin C.

    Well that's what i said in my D.S. O-Level and i got an A so i must be right ;)
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    The red pepper stuffed with cous cous sounds lovely.


    You can leave the butter out and soften the garlic with a bit of water. But it's only 25g :) Or go for the vegan option and leave the cheese out.
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    oo thanks :)
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    The things I've been making a lot of recently... all very healthy and easily made.

    Tofu/chicken kebabs (depending on who's eating 'em)

    1 pack tofu/2 chicken breasts, cubed
    2 tbsps natural yoghurt
    1 scant tsp dried mint
    1-2 cloves garlic, crushed
    Pinch of salt
    Juice of 1/2 lemon
    1 red onion, cut into chunks
    1 red pepper, cut into chunks
    1 small courgette, cut into thick slices

    You can change the veg as you like, could even use a chopped babycorn or something if you're into your sweetcorn.

    Mix yoghurt, mint, garlic, salt and lemon juice together and marinate tofu/chicken for at least an hour, preferably overnight.

    When you're ready to cook, thread the chicken & veg on to metal skewers, baste with the rest of the marinade and grill till the tofu/chicken is cooked through and turning brown at the edges.

    Serve with boiled rice, or in pitta bread with salad.


    I realised no-one has posted the most saintly of recipes - that of a basic tomato sauce for pasta (or - indeed - other dishes, will get to that later).

    Onions and garlic softened in a little oil (or a splash of stock/water/vino if you're being ultra-healthy)

    Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, a little honey to take the sour edge off, a wee squeeze of tomato puree, then reduce until it's nice and thick.

    I then add basil and oregano, chilli to give it a kick and a glass of red wine rounds it off nicely if you want to add it (make sure you add this before you reduce the sauce, as you need time to cook off the alcohol). I often add frozen spinach if I have any in the freezer - makes the colour horrible but tastes nice and is mega-healthy.

    You can add any veggies you want (or not, if you want to keep it plain). I usually add peppers, courgettes, sweetcorn and broccoli and serve with pasta (and grilled chicken for the carnivore). Basic but absolutely saintly and incredibly versatile.


    One of the uses for said sauce is this recipe:

    Black and red bean casserole (serves 6 using these measurements, but you can reduce as you will).

    Make up a standard tomato sauce first using 2 tins of chopped tomatoes.

    250g red kidney beans
    250g black kidney beans
    100ml olive oil
    100g diced onion
    3-4 cloves chopped garlic
    1 tsp paprika
    1 chopped chilli
    75g carrots, diced into 1cm cubes
    Tomato sauce as above
    75g sweetcorn
    Dash tobasco
    Bunch of coriander
    Salt and pepper, to taste.

    Soak the beans overnight and cook until tender. this can take 2 hrs. (Or you can cheat and use tinned beans).

    Heat the oil, saute the onion until brown, adding the garlic about halfway though. Add s&p, paprika, chilli and carrots and cook until carrots are al dente and the spices have formed a paste. Add the beans and tomato sauce and simmer until reduced - it should not be at all watery.

    Add the sweetcorn and cook for a few more minutes. Add the coriander plus any final seasoning and simmer for 6-7 mins.

    Remove from heat, serve.

    You can use this as a filling for tortillas, tacos, as a veggie chilli with rice, have a dollop of natural yoghurt on top, have it with a jacket potato... whatever you fancy. I adore it. And it freezes really well.


    Cream of Broccoli and Almond soup

    1 oz butter/marg
    1 onion chopped
    1 medium potato diced
    1lb (450g) broccoli cut into florets
    1 ¼ pints veg stock (made with two veg stock cubes or bouillon)
    ½ pint milk (skimmed or semi skimmed)
    2oz toasted flaked almonds (save some to add at end)

    Melt your butter or marg in a pan and add onion, potato and broccoli. Toss and cook for 5 mins.

    Add stock and cover, simmer for 15 mins till veg tender.

    Add milk and almonds.

    Blend using handheld liquidiser or in blender.

    Add remaining almonds and heat through.

    You can buy pre toasted flaked almonds or buy flaked and toast in frying pan until lightly browned (no oil needed).

    This is the husband's favourite soup, I've had my fill though so have worked out that it can be changed to Carrot & Corriander by substituting
    broccoli and almonds with 1lb chopped carrots and fresh, chopped corriander.

    Honeyed tofu/chicken stirfry

    1 pack tofu/2 chicken breasts (300g total), cut into strips
    2 tbsp soy sauce
    1 tbsp runny honey
    0.5 tbsp sesame oil
    1 red pepper, chopped
    1 yellow pepper, chopped
    80g sugar snap peas
    80g babycorn
    6 spring onions, sliced
    1 red chilli, deseeded and chopped

    Marinate the tofu/chicken in the soy sauce and honey, the longer the better but at least one hour.

    Heat the oil in a wok/pan, throw in the chicken (including marinade) and cook until tofu/meat is sealed. Add peppers, babycorn and peas, stirfry for around 3 mins. Add a little water if things are sticking.

    Then throw in the chilli and spring onions (and perhaps a little extra soy sauce, to taste). Cook for another minute or so.

    Serve with some rice or noodles.


    And my absolute favourite of the moment - a Nigella recipe our neighbour gave me. "Sunshine soup" - so-called because it is a really beautiful, vivid yellow. I love it.

    1 medium onion
    1 yellow courgette
    Good liquid vegetable/chicken bouillon - preferably not cubes
    Lemon juice
    Chillies (amount depending on your love of them/or not)
    Olive oil
    Basmati rice
    Turmeric (really, really good for you!)

    Soften the onion in a little olive oil.

    Add the chopped courgette, chilli, turmeric, lemon juice and soften a little more.

    Add bouillon and enough water to make it soupy (you're aiming for one of those clear thai style soups).

    Once it's all heated through throw in a handful of basmati rice and let it cook for 10 mins or so until the rice is cooked.

    At the end, adjust the seasoning - I usually find I need more chilli and lemon juice to give that hot sour flavour.

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    I am not a big veggie myself, but I love enchiladas. you can practically put every vegetable in there, but I make them with paprica (I think you call it capsicum, you can add carrot pieces, cucumber, maybe tomatoes (even tho the sauce is usually tomato-sauce), onions, garlic, etc...

    I make mine with chicken filet too.

    just google for a receipt. It's amazing how easy they are and how tasty the outcome is, you just have to find the right spice-mix, as it predominatly defines the taste.

    Just buy the finished and packeted wraps (you can't do anything wrong really. It's just like pan cake or pita bread.

    if you want to make it for yourself I can shortly explain how you do it.

    heat up some oil and put your sliced vegetables in it. they shouldn't become soft/soggy, just a bit glassy, add you sliced chicken filet to it and make sure it gets roasted enough, because you add a lot of tomato sauce then and they won't get any more 'roasty' then, if you know what I mean.
    It might be a good idea to make the meat independently in another pot, because veggies leave a lot of water and you might have problems with roasting your chicken then.

    when you added the tomatosauce (just buy it. Make sure it's not too thin), and then add the spice-mix. They sell them at your local market I'd say. Enchilada-mix, Fajita-mix is both fine. let it cook for a bit.

    Open the wraps and make them a weeny bit wet, with your hands so they don't break or dry out too much in the oven. Bend them in the middle. put sauce/vegs/meat in it and put them in a pan. add a bit of sauce on the top of them too and add grated cheese on top. put it in the pre-heated oven for about 5 or 10 minutes. presto.

    sooo good.
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    thankyou! i love the recipe for chicken kebab :) im definitely going to be trying those out, matt i bought some fajhitas today :D
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