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Scared to make a change

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I’ve recently come back from 2 months away travelling Fiji and New Zealand which was amazing, but while I was away I found myself questioning what I was doing with my life in terms of my job and where I’m heading and now I’m back I feel completely at a loss. I have a well paid job for someone my age (26) but my heart just isn’t in it – I feel like I’m play-acting at it and am terrified that sooner or later my lack of interest and commitment is going to become obvious to everyone. The problem is I don’t really know what I want to do – never have done. I love music and would love to work in radio, I’ve done a hospital radio course and have volunteered at a student station before but jobs are hard to come by in that area (though I’m going to try at a new one that’s just been set up in Cardiff). I also love to write, been doing some gig reviews for a website lately but again I can’t see that going anywhere. I’m just petrified at the thought of staying in a job just for the money and wasting my life, particularly as it’s quite a responsible job and I should be applying myself to it properly. I just don’t have the motivation. I know I’m being defeatist and lazy but feel like I’m facing a dead end and am scared. My mum suggested going to see a life coach which I’m considering but maybe I should just be trying to figure it out by myself. Not sure what I’m asking really but just wondered if anyone had any suggestions or even similar experiences to relate?


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    Why not try doing a part-time NCTJ course and get qualified as a journalist. Keep writing your reviews and maybe try and get some work as a freelance in journalism. Maybe even doing a travel guide on your recent trip?

    Start building up a CV and getting experience where you can and get yourself confident enough to make the change? E-mail and call local radio stations for work experience that you can do around your current job (thus keeping you solvent) and jus try and get as much experience as you can.

    It can be hard but, as you mentioned, you need the motivation to make the change. And if you find it hard think about how your life may pan out if you're stuck in a job you don't enjoy. I think that you'd agree that it would be a lot more defeating to never try than to give it a go.

    I did a bit of a search and this BBC website has some information about places where you can get qualifications in your area

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    Thank you, there are some really good suggestions there. You're right, it's worth trying - no point just sitting here moaning about it. Thanks for the encouragement and for the link :)
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    No worries, if I ever get into a position where I can offer work experience or a job I'll let ya know ;)
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