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C.dif... What's the damage?

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So New Years eve I was admitted to hospital cos I was bleeding quite a lot from my back passage.
They thought it might be Endometriosis as I have a history of it and have had abdominal pains for months (and I was on my pill break when the bleeding started).
However, the sample I gave in A&E showed up that I had C.dif; probably caused by some antibiotics I was put on back at the end of November. (The doctor didn't even know if I had an infection or not and put me on them as a precausion... wish I had questioned it with hindsight, but oh well).

Anyway... I've since been on two different antibiotics to beat the C.dif for a grand total of 4 weeks, which has meant I've not been able to work despite feeling well. :yeees:

Weird thing is; I only ever had the one symptom with the C.dif... slightly looser stools and not even diahrea most of the time; I've felt perfectly fine... even when I was passing blood.

Anyway; yesterday I had a sigmoidoscopy because they want to check out if the reason for the bleeding was the C.dif or it could still also be coinsidentally Endometriosis (I've had no more bleeding since going back on the pill).

I got to look at the screen while they were investigating my bowel, so I saw the inflamtion they found. And they took a biopsy to find out what exactly it is.
Only problem is I have to wait 4 weeks for the results... and I'm not a very patient person. :rolleyes:

What I can't find anywhere is any information about what effects C.dif actually physically has on the bowel. I know in sever cases it can cause bleeding so I assume it attacks the wall of the bowel? But nothings very clear and I just was wondering if anyone knew anything about it really?

The whole thing is a bit bizzar. And none of the thousands of doctors that I've seen seem to really know what's going on with me.


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