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how do you feel about your education?

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(this is partly a spin-off from the "Rewriting history" thread in Politics)

what do you think about the way you are/were educated? was is all relevant? did you enjoy it? what was your attitude, and what were the attitudes of your friends, towards school? how do you feel about exams? are people becoming cleverer; is there a much wider gap between the "stupid" (ie. ill-informed) people and the "clever" ones?

this could be interesting <IMG alt="image" SRC="biggrin.gif" border="0">
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    On the whole I had/am having a good education. However, I think people should get taught about politics and money and their rights-real life, useful stuff.

    I don't think people are getting any cleverer, that doesn't make any logical sense. It really bugs me though, that every year people complain that exams are getting easier.

    My school was obsessed with being top of the league tables and constantly pushed everyone to get A's. If you didn't get A's you were considered thick. I hated it! I think the national curriculum is too rigid and there are too many exams-SAT's for example are a load of rubbish. I also think that for more able pupils there should be something higher than GCSE's as they are too easy for them and do not challenge.

    Oh dear, this is a well long post. I also think there should be better sex education, not just contraception but emotion and personal confidence type things (good English eh!).

    I must be the only person, but I think that the AS system is a good one although maybe a little flawed. I resented that at the age of 15 (I'm very young in my school year) I had to choose 3 subjects to study. I know hardly anything about maths or physics, don't even know how to wire a plug or fix things! That should be taught too. I hated studying them, but it should still be taught. Maybe the American system where you learn till you are 18 all subjects, is better.

    Cooking and hygeine should also be taught!
    Well, rant over.
    Sorry to go on.
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    lol don't worry about ranting, it's good, it's what this post is for! I think it'll be interesting to hear everyone's views - there are so many stories about the education system going wrong, but not often input from those being educated!

    hmm, we had excellent sex education and even a little about the emotions side - all the same, it's very hard to "teach" emotions because everyone is different and we all react in different ways. perhaps we need lessons in perspective - that's often the place where relationships go wrong.

    AS is good for a lot of subjects - obviously sciences, but surprisingly Latin and English, because you study a text in autumn Y12 and then don't need to relearn it after more than eighteen months away, you're examined that year. badly organised though, what with the lack of examiners.

    actually, wiring a plug is in the CGP (the funny ones) guide to GCSE Physics <IMG alt="image" SRC="tongue.gif" border="0"> lol. but we weren't taught it in lessons, nor was it examined.
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    International Baccalaureate, people. 6 subject, CAS, TOK, Extended Essay. 45 points. Accepted everywhere. It's my educational Visa card.

    No, seriously, I think KT's comment on the AS system is fair - the fact that I got to choose 6 subjects, under a strict system of choice (ie 1 mother-tongue, 1 foreign tongue, 1 maths, 1 humanities, 1 science and 1 free choice) plus a couple of extra subjects, meant that when it came to career choices, i could grow up and discover myself a bit more. shit, if it wasn't for the IB, I woulda have been forced to limit my education to 3 subjects at the age of 15. not tooo great, as far as i can see.

    the way I was educated, I have very little criticism of the actual system. Australian state education isn't not bad at all - neither is it world beating, but it's better than a lot. ICS gave me a great education - IGCSEs were comprehensive, and substantially more difficult than GCSEs.

    but the teachers were a different matter. wasn't until I got to ICS that i actually had a really REALLY good teacher who was dedicated to his profession. ICS breeds places like that.

    summary: im happy, but happier i wasnt educated in thr UK.
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    not three subjects. I'm doing five, plus Russian and Italian. some do six. the options are alllll there - and I'd hate to be doing maths in the sixth form, even though it'd be good for me.

    anyone else who wants to reply, I'm going to direct you to Turtle's topic in Politics: http://www.thesite.org/cgi-noperl/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=3&t=000360

    (unless of course you decide you wanna reply here anyway <IMG alt="image" SRC="smile.gif" border="0"> )

    (edited to get the URL right - any moderators out there, the instant URL doesn't appear to work, unless it was me!)

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    My school was terrible and only made good by a couple of teachers. basically if your parents weren't on the PTA then you got nothing, were in none of the teams, etc. The bullying was incredible and the teachers did nothing to stop it.
    I was good at sport but know that any career I might have had in sport was thwarted by teachers who didn't give me a chance along as they had enough posh kids to fill the teams.
    My friend was classed as remedial but just got a first in Uni so there!
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