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stubble rash

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ive only ever really suffered from stubble rash a few handful of times - and when i have it has never really been that bad, altho a tad annoying.

tho after an 'outing' on saturday night, i woke up on sunday evening with the most amazing coloured rash on my chin. (nothing whatsoever around the mouth which im surprised at) in fact, it wasnt even a rash! more like a burn - really red and raw looking, with cracked skin.
at first i thought it would disappear after a while - but now, more than a day and a half later, it is still there!
when i woke up the skin had gone a horrible.. yellow colour and the area was raised. (cant really describe it!!) and when i went into the shower and got dressed afterwards - all the skin started peeling off to reveal a really RED raw skin underneath!!

at the moment ive attached a make shift bandage that is covering the area (it really is horrendous looking - and im going out tonight!! :impissed: )

im heading out to tesco pharmacy in a bit to find something to soothe it - but does anyone have any adeas as to what i can get??!! our tesco is a bit shit and they dont have any pharmacists to help customers (not last time i went anyway!!)
and i have noo idea what would be best for me to get for this kinda thing.
im in pain :(


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