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a level choices!!!(in reference 2 uni)

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we're currently bein made 2 decide r provisional a level choices. this may not sound much but they make the timetable on these, n u may not b able 2 change after that. basically i am deinately doin german(lang + i was brought up speakin it), economics(wanna read it at uni), history(im told its counted as highly as english) n maths (im told i ned that 2 get into a decent uni 4 economics). However at my skool i can either do general studies(the syllabus we do is a piss take) or further maths. as i dont do all that much extra stuff wud further maths b worth takin 2 get me into a really decent uni eg oxbridge? urgent help
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    it depends on the economics course u wanna do at uni, but generally spearking doing further maths will help you a helluva lot getting into oxbridge and the like. highly recommended.

    although i dont take the course, from what people say general studies is a joke. further maths for sure, if u can hack it, of course. <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt;

    glad to find another humanities lover. =)

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    Further maths is v hard general scive a piece of piss it's your choice, our school allowed entry to geen stud even without doing the course as it was multipul choice and easy
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    It really depends exactly how good you are at Maths, I'm at Oxford, and most of the people I know doing a course involving economics didnt do further maths. It might be worth trying to lean your maths course more towards statistics, but I wouldn't recommend further maths more than any other A-level. Most colleges prefer to have students who have done wide-ranging A-levels. I did further maths but then I'm doing engineering and its very useful for that. Just out of interest which college are you thinking of applying to? I'm at St Catherines, if you come down then let me know, I'll show you round.

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