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Working while you study NVQ

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In march I go a job as a sales assistant.
Over the last few months my managers have kept giving me more and more responsibility though and I've been given two areas of the shop to be reponsible for - putting stock out and making them look nice etc and I've really enjoyed it.

I've been planning to look for another job after christmas cos I want full time hours (and possibly better pay if I can find anywhere that'll agree to it). And I've decided as I'm doing that I might as well go for a role I really enjoy and try and get on a Visual team for a bigger shop. I'd really like to get a qualification in it too...
Now here's my problem.
How the hell do you go about starting an NVQ? I really want to study a Level 3 NVQ in Visual Merchandising... But all the information I can find out about it is about the actual NVQ rather than the helpful stuff like how you go about starting one.

Anyone know anything about it? I've tried googling everything but I'm useless when it comes to searching for things effectively on the net and can't find out what I want to know.

(P.S. Didn't know if this should have been in Work or Student - but decided it's more like learning while you work than actually being a student so put it in here... feel free to move it mods).


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    The best thing you can do is talk to your manager. It is possible to do an NVQ whilst working. Generally, you go to college for one day a week and work for the other four days.

    If you can't get an NVQ with your current job, then you might be able to get a careers adviser or a local firther education college to help you out.
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    I'm currently doing an intermediate NVQ in accounting.

    Try looking for local colleges in your area that offer adult courses. You don't always have to do these during the day as most places offer night courses.

    Most colleges will start enrolment again now in January, so keep an eye out in the paper for adverts and go along to an open evening for more information about how much the course would cost, when you can do it, and what level you would be able to start on :)
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    Forgot to add that if you just through college and do it, you'll end up paying £3-400 for the course, but if you do it through your work, they might pay for it for you. If they did that, you won't (I don't think) get paid minimum wage.
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    Look at the websites of your local higher education colleges and see what NVQ they offer, if you cant find anything try somewhere like connections.

    I did three accounting NVQ's from the age of 18-20 and worked 20/35 hours a weeks on the other days depending on my job at the time. No-where gave me any finacial support but I was lucky enough for my parents to pay for my course fee/books/exam fees etc.

    If you move jobs they might/might not support you doing the course if its relevent to your job or not. Doing NVQ while working is pretty hard but very rewarding in the long run.
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