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Hi! I have been at uni for a month now. I am finding it hard to fit in. My lectures are so huge that it's impossible to make friends and my flat mates are into different stuff to me. I have joined some societies but they don't seem to do much! Everyone else seems to have made loads of friends already! Does anyone have any tips for me? Thanks.
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    depends how easy u find it to make friends.

    the simplest solution is just to go up to people and introduce urself, u know, 3rd grade stuff. "hi, my names XXXX and i was wondering if u wanted to grab a drink". works on guys as well as girls, altho they might get the wrong idea. =)

    other solutions...ur a member of some societies, use those opportunities when u can. go to the union, get out and have some fun. make urself known.

    good luck.

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    Hi. I know how you feel. I just started at the beginnning of September. I've just been going up to people who I recognise from various classes & saying, "Hi, how are you getting along with that Music review?" or whatever. People are normally really impressed that I remember that they're in my really big class & are happy to talk about how their courses are going. This can then lead to, "so where are you from then? What other courses are you taking?" I figure once I've run into someone 5 or 6 times it's fair to ask them if they have a free and fancy going for a coffee.
    Hope this helps...

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