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Toning thighs!!

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Hi all :)

Ok, I'm 5'8 and weigh 9 stone so I know I'm not fat....but I don't really do much exercise at all...not really d sporty type and basically jus to lazy to get up n do anythin!

My thighs & bum aren't huge or anythin but they're kinda squidgy if ya know what i mean?!! :eek2: Any idea's on how to tone up without actually losing weight? I was thinkin of using exercise bike that's already in my house....or going swimming couple of times a week? Don't hav much time to go to a gym as i'm working and in college.

Any suggestions of d easiest way possible to tone up for a lazy gal like myself??!:rolleyes:

Sweetiebabe xx


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    'Tone' is a bit of a confusing term, it basically means muscle minus the fat and unfortunately, you can't spot reduce fat, so if you want to lose the fat on your thighs, you would have to lose fat overall and it's up to your body where the fat goes from first. Building the muscle on your legs and body in general is one of the most effective ways you can burn fat (no you won't turn into the hulk and get all big and bulky).

    Swimming/exercise bike is a good place to start if you want to get active, but bear in mind that cardio is not the most effective way to lose fat, and it might not necessarily give you the body shape you're looking for (I tried, and cardio alone made me a slightly smaller version of what I already was).

    Diet will be the most important factor - you can't outrun your fork ;)
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    Hey Sweetiebabe,

    There are loads of great exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home that will help get rid of all those ‘squidgy’ bits. While you’re watching TV or listening to music try doing set of squats. Stand up straight with your feet in line with your shoulders and bend your knees whilst keeping your back straight. Another simple exercise you could try is lunges. This is when you put one leg behind and stretch out the other in front of you. Keep a 90 degrees angle with your front knee to get the maximum burn. This will work you gluts (butt) and thighs. Go and speak to a personal trainer if you need someone to demonstrate these exercises to you. There are also examples of these exercises on the centre for women’s health website.

    Like go away said, diet is key to losing excess fat. Try cutting down on foods that have lots of carbohydrates, like bread and chips, and eat more fruit and vegetables.

    Going swimming and spending time on your exercise bike are also great ways to getting firmer thighs. The duration of the exercise is the most important factor so when doing cardio workouts choose activities that you like to do and do as much of them as you can.

    There are some great tips on fitness and diet at TheSite.org. The articles on creative fitness and training and diet will give you some great advice on your quest to firmer thighs.

    Hope this helps
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