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What are the benefits of going to uni?? I've just finished my AS levels and will be in my last year of 6th form next year and everyone is looking at universities and colleges and i thought that i would be doing the same thing coz my parents want me to do that (you know GCSE - AS - Alevel - UNI) but the other day my mum sat down with me and said 'so, what are you thinking of doing, are you sure you want to go to uni????' I never thought of it as a choice before but now i think about it i dont know if i want to go...has anyone got any info on the pros and cons??? If i leave how hard is it to find work with just GCSE and Alevel qualifications??? Can i get a job travelling or will i need more qualifications coz i'd love to go away travelling or back packing for a year or more....any info??????


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    University is expensive so if you go you have to be committed enough to work and get a decent grade at the end of it or you'll have wasted a lot of money which you'll then spend years paying off, and it'll be no easier to find a job than it would have been straight after A levels.

    But if you're happy to study for another three years, I'd advise going to uni because it will increase your job prospects. It's fairly easy to get a job straight after A levels, but lack of a degree may affect the chance of promotion later on (although it may not).

    I don't know about travelling jobs, but before starting a job or uni you can always take a gap year and travel during that. Have a talk with your careers teacher at school, he/she will be glad to help you decide what you want to do after A levels.
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    A gap year does sound like it would be a good idea with you; you can travel AND get experience of working full time and then make a decision about university afterwards. If you aren't sure, it's probably best to take the time to make your mind up rather than going head on into a degree that you don't really have the motivation to complete!

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    i was always under the impression that you would have to apply this autumn tinkabee if you wanted to do a degree, either the year after, OR after a gap year. i dont know where i got this from or if i got the wrong end of the stick, but i know i was trying to persuade my friend that he had to apply even if he wanted to do a gap year.

    you earn more money if you're a graduate, generally. but then you might find a job youre happy with with just A levels.

    i was always looking forward to uni, just getting away, meeting like minded people who i could become good firneds with, having a fresh start, far away from home, studying something i was interested in and everything.. but sometimes i get this big sinking feeling that it isnt what i want to do. especially now, after this stress thing has caused my mind to switch off in terms of learning and concentrating. what if it happens again? what if i decide i dont like uni life and studying and planning my own time (which im crap at)? what if i dont want to be there any more, i cant just drop out coz it'll have been such a waste of money. and i have no idea what i want to do after uni. i dont even want to do the degree i applied for. and dont think ill get the grades for it anyway (in fact i *know* i wont, you need a B in chemistry to study biochemistry). but im severely lacking motivation in anything, and so even finding a degree is too difficult and im just going to revert back to biochem coz thats what i was decided on and some bits do interest me.

    im really really confused about what i want to do with my future too tinkabee, if thats any consolation <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif">`

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