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Studying abroad...

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After I'm done with my A2s, I'd like to go to America to get a degree in the area of conservation. The only problem is that I have totally no idea how to go about studying abroad.
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    Ask your careers teacher at school because it's certainly an option they'll know about.
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    u need SAT and SAT 2s to be done for the states...or at least that helps, i think. other than that, beyond me :P
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    I am from Austria and I ll start Sixht Form in England this september.. from my point of view there are two ways to get abroad:

    You can either geet help from professionals (there are companies who can help you find a school/ university/ whatever abroad.. but you ll have to pay them) or try the "head straight through wall" method.
    The latter has worked for me.
    I browsed the web, wrote to 13 diffrent schools, got answers from three, could afford 2, applied to both, flew to England for an interview and now they sent me homework for my summer holidays (cheeky bastards! I wanted to chill for a bit..).

    It is quite time consuming if you want to do this the low cost way and try to find a school/loonyverisyt yourself.. you also have to think about accomodation, which can get quite pricey too. After I had found my school everybody told me it was totally impossible to find a school abroad without help. Well, I dont think so. It s just a lot harder.
    Depends on your finances I guess.

    At least you dont have to worry about the language.. it IS the same language, isnt it? At least in basics <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt;


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