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friend not eating properly

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hey guys- did a quick search on here but what's been mentioned is helpful but not quite what i'm after.

I am worried about a good friend who doesn't seem to be eating properly. She 's recently lost a lot of weight, and it is very noticeable. Everyone has been commenting on it.

Over the summer, when i was at home from uni, my friend came to me and said that she hadn't been eating properly, because she was stressed, and did i think it was enough of a problem to go to the docs with. I told her that she probably wouldn't do any harm to talk to a doc about it, but that as she was aware of it that was a good sign, and that sorting out the stresses in her life would go to help sorting it out. tried to give a little bit of advice going find something you'd like to eat etc, and she didn't come back to me with anything more after that.

now that i'm up at uni, i can see just how much weight she's lost. I can't really keep an eye on her eating, as i'm not in the same flat as her, and we don't often eat together. plenty of people have mentioned how much weight she has lost, and she brushes it off, whether it is said as a compliment or concern. Today, i noticed that a skirt that she bought after she had lost weight was also falling off her... and she brushed it off again.

She still looks okay, altho her hip bones and sometimes the bottom ribs are quite defined. I had at one point asked her now-ex (who she lives with) about her eating habits, and he said yeah she does eat she just eats really healthily. But i'm not sure he'd really take that much notice of it, and they've since split up so it's not going to be possible to ask anymore.

I think the main problem is is that she doesn't seem to think this sudden weightloss is a problem. It would be fine if i was sure she was eating properly, and healthily, but i'm 99% sure that she's not.

not sure quite what i'm looking for advice wise... but if anyone has any input, it would be appreciated.


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    I cant really offer any advice in terms of getting her to eat, but I think you should remember that she may well not see what you see.

    I remember when I was exercising a lot at uni, and had issues brought on my stimulant consumption what I saw in the mirror wasnt what others did. You get obsessed about it and your perceptions go strange.

    You cant force her to open up and talk to you, but you can make it easier, perhaps invite her out for coffee, or a drink in the local.
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    Yeah, i know from my own experience that often what other people see is different to what you see. and her weight *isn't* that bad, it's more the fact that i don't think she's eating right which is worrying me. She's said things like omg this skirt is falling off me, but then doesn't seem to engage otherwise. i dunno. she doesn't engage very easily over things at all. But i'm also aware that people constantly going oh what are you eating, you've lost so much weight, can be damaging to a person with an eating disorder.
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