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Kind of... So I recently took a new job doing customer service. It's got good pay and benefits and close to home and all that, plus I need to learn to deal with people :p It's not a bad job at all. I've been on the phones now about 2 weeks and I have one angry person, everybody is patient when I need to put them on hold to go look for an answer and I've even been told I'm wonderful a couple times :p But the phone really gets me. I never use the phone. I'm extremly uncomfortable on it, really, just downright hate it. The thought of using it makes me sick. I really only ever, ever call my parents. I rarely call a friend, most I've never called, I've even only ever called my boyfriend a handfull of times, and thats usually when I *have* to.

For about the last week things just keep getting worse. I wake up every morning with terrible stomache cramps, feeling like I'm going to throw up, sweating. I can barely eat, which is, itself, the most amazing thing ever. I'm never not hungry. I've spent an hour today bawling my eyes out in the bathroom and half a dozen little spurts of crying at my desk. I feel like crying more and more.

It's just not a bad situation. It's not too hard, it's not too angry, the people I work with are lovely, I keep trying to think of that but every day it just keeps getting worse and worse and I just don't know what to do.


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    I think you may be experiencing bad anxiety and I would suggest going to see your doc. I have had similar things happen and it happens when I get anxious...of course I could be wrong, but it may be worth checking it out... or getting a new job somewhere else.
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    aw manda, i wish i could give you a hug.

    It doesnt sound to me like the benefits are outweighing the negatives though
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    I know the feeling, I work on the phones too, I have nothing against the phone, its the fucking stupid customers I have issue with :D

    They make me so fucking angry and pissed off, trying to tease the simplist fucking piece of information out of them is a task and a half.

    I had one women bending my ear for about 30 minutes about why her bills where estimated, yet she wouldnt give us a meter reading because of the big spider in the meter box :banghead:

    I know this isnt the job for me, it was never meant to be, but I really cant handle customer service. So im looking for another job.

    I would try talking on the phone more to friends and family to help you get used to having phone conversations. Things do get easier, i know it can be quite daunting on the telephone all day, having to call people for answers. Keep it up, you will become more comfortable and relaxed the more you do it.

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