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mortgage advisor?

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ive applied for a few jobs in banks, with the aim of working my way up to become a mortgage advisor, as for now its something id love to do. i seem to have a natural passion for talking about martgages+properties, etc, and love the idea of helping people get on the property ladder

any hints, tips, ways to get into this profession, and any ideas of pay?
just a querie


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    have you been inside a bank? so dreary, dim lighting, no singing and dancing and la la la. If you've got a good sales record you'll be fine. Look at the abbey jobs website, it shows basic pay, dunno what the commision's like though. You can start with banks, estate agents and independents, just give them a call.
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    If you get to the top the pay can be quite good, but the job itself is very high-pressure as you have strict sales targets to meet. The crunch for you is whether or not you could sell a product to someone knowing that it wasn't the best product for them, because if you can't do that you will flounder and fail in the high-pressure sales environment in most banks.

    You can work up, but expect to have to work hard, and more likely you won't manage to, tbh. And menial bank work is very badly paid, and the conditions are horrible; HSBC typically pay around £10,500pa for an in-branch advisor, and you're the one who gets all the abuse.

    I think it's fairly telling that most money advice agencies, such as the CAB or CCCS, are filled with people who used to work in banks as advisors, and couldn't cope with the sales pressure anymore. Most people I know, at my work and GWST's work, say that they're doing it now to "cleanse their soul".

    If you enjoy working with people to help them, have you thought of working in the money advice sector, helping people with debts and other money issues? It's the field I work in, and it's so much more rewarding than having to worry about commission and sales targets.
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