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Social Services to snatch the children of self-harmers from the delivery suite



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    people will probably find that its the people who have experienced mental health problems to be the best of parents, and im not saying that everyother isn't.

    its awful how much discrimination goes around these days. people who have had to suffer with pain will probably find they are the stronger one and will make something of themselves in the future. it deprends wether or not we are talking about parents who are on the otherside with there mental health or who are still deep within their problems. but i guess with either, people need to take everyone as an individual.

    what do social know? thats probably why you gfind so many children in care with so much history in breaking the law, and emotional difficulties.....
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    thats very strange

    On another note though, I do believe munchhausens by proxy can be a very real problem as it was a problem with someone in my family, but it doesnt appear that the woman in the artical actually even had that.
    i have been accused of having muchhausen´s myself, by someone that was non medical mind you and was possibly insane himself but ít in incredibly rare, and develops rather than is just there. and a woman that had it before the preganancy would have injured herself and the baby whilst pregnant.

    so, does this mean, that because i´ve been in both the care system and am still in the mental health system suffering from ptss (post traumatic stress) and depression, that if and children i have will be taken away from me before i even have a chance to prove how good or bad a mother i am? if so i´m moving away from britain to have my kids
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    WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!!!
    social workers are cunts - is a fact of life.
    i am however all for protecting children for harm. i think currently the system the way it is atm fails a lot of kids and does need more emphasis on targeting risk factors and potential ''bad / abusive parents'' to make it work better.
    never the less... words fail me reading that article.
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