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Alcohol problems

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Yes another whiney thread from me. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I've been to the doctor about stress and stuff and basically I need councilling and also need to talk about my drinking. Fact is I've been hiding it from my family, drinking alone to deal with stress and if I can't get a drink and I'm stressed I feel like I need one and have to go out to get one.

Mum says that's how alcoholics start and also, both Mum and the doctor said I need help for it.

Thing is, I can go some days without drinking, but it's normally when I'm stressed when I do it. I think the issues are arising where I just can't stop myself and go overboard. I'm kinda the same with pills when I can get them, although pot less so.

Now I'm embarassed to tell my friends that I shouldn't be drinking and I'm also embarrassed to go to the doctor and scared to tell them I've been doing other stuff (not too frequently) because I don't wanna get kicked outta university. I also don't want shit off the doc for drinking... I know i's not good for me but it's like a friend when I need it.

We have a lot of mental illness in the family and also alcoholism. My Dad's girlfriend is an alcoholic and I think my Dad has drink problems as well as bad health. My great grandad was also an alcoholic and I've lived with people who are drunk constantly. I guess it's rubbed off on me.

I know this sounds pathetic and I'm not a bad person... I just need people to talk to and maybe a bit of advice.

Has anybody on thesite experienced problems with alcohol? How did you handle it? How did people react?

I'm sorry for burdening people with this... I can usually be quite nice and I know I should be all in control and shit...


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    hey sel.

    my boyfriend's mother is an alcoholic. she has two sons that she never sees and is pretty fucked up in all ways from years of abuse. she is often in hospital and can't hold down a job or home. she used to batter her kids and husband and now is alone, with nobody and nothing. i will probably never even meet her because my boyfriend refuses to allow her anywhere near us. she will pay for it forever, and will never be forgiven. all because of alcoholism. i know that you know this already, but please get help for this problem before you are beyond being helped. she can't help what she does, it's too far out of her hands. but it's ruined her life and the lives of those she loves. drinking might seem to solve problems now, but in the long term it makes a whole load of bigger problems that you can't take away.

    please be careful darling x
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    To be honest I wouldnt mention the other bits to the GP (though if I were you I would lay off them, pills and depression are not a good mix), but I would mention the drinking, you cant be the first uni student they will have seen who is having a problem with stress and alcohol.

    Your doctor may give you a lecture about it, but the only way really that you are going to get into counselling is through them (or through your uni, is that a possible?).
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    the doctor will happily refer you on to someone if he thinks you have any sort of problem

    ive had plenty of people around me with drink problems and it really is a killer.. getting into this kind of routine of using it as a sort of daily coping mechanism could definately lead to an alcohol problem.. be careful!

    take care! :)
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    Please don't be sorry for posting - it's a hard thing to admit when you need help so it's really brave that you've done it.

    There are plenty of people you can reach out to. For starters, it's great that your mum knows and you can talk openly to her about it. Telling friends can be hard. Why not just confide in a couple of close friends who you can turn to if you need to offload? They can also back you up if you're not drinking in a social situation and people are pressuring you to have a drink.

    There are loads of ways you can get out of drinking. Say you're on medication, or trying to lose a bit of weight. If you don't fancy that, why not start exercising (it'll help to boost your mental health and self esteem anyway) - and tell people you're on a health boost. You could sign up for something like a mini marathon and cut out drinking as part of that. It could be just the motivation you need.

    I know all this is easier said than done, which is why it's really important to talk to your GP. Although you're embarrassed, try to remember that they've heard it many times before and will be best placed to refer you on to the best place to get help.

    Finally, you could try speaking to an organisation in confidence. They won't judge you, but they could help a lot:

    Confidential telephone help, info and advice on all aspects of alcohol use and abuse. Calls are free.
    Tel: 0800 9178282

    The UK's leading drug and alcohol treatment agency. Website gives details of local branches and helplines.
    Web: www.addaction.org.uk/
    Tel: 020 7251 5860

    Offers support to families around drugs and alcohol.
    Web: www.adfam.org.uk/
    Tel: 020 7553 7640

    I hope some of this helps - take care :)
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    I think that you have done the hardest thing by admitting that you have a problem, my mum is an alcoholic and she refused to admit it for years. She thought she was hiding her drinking from us but she couldn't have been further from the truth. She has managed to get sorted out now, after falling over and breaking her hip she needed a long stay in hospital and it got her over the circle of feeling bad, needing a drink to make it better then feeling bad that she was drinking and having another to make it better.

    I think you should go see the doctor and tell him about the issues with stress and alcohol, perhaps as others have said don't mention the pills and weed, but give them up for a while anyway as you might find you replace one chemical crutch with another.

    The idea about the health kick is a good one, it will save you some money on drinks on a night out as well which you could use to treat yourself every now and again as a reward for giving up the drink for a while.

    Good luck with it xx
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    I guess what you need to do is engage in an activity to deal with stress other than drinking, and not an activity that will not stress you out further. Go walking, play some sports, card games even, something fun but not stressful.

    All regular drinkers (even those who only drink at the weekends) are alcoholics imo, just some people are worse than others at dealing with the pressures of life and resort to drink instead of drinking to enjoy it. I've had some first hand experience with alcohol, deaths in family, living with an alcoholic. It's a cunt like, but at least you're looking for help which is the first step and this is a thing a lot of alocohlics won't do/admit to their problem.
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