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Veggie meals

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I'm sure there's been posts on vegetarian meals before but I haven't seen one for a while so thought I'd ask if anyone has any veggie recipies they like.

I've been vegetarian since I was really young but I tend to stick to the same things really - pasta dishes / stuffed mushrooms or peppers / fajitas / roasted veg & cous cous etc.
Guess I'm looking for a few new things really - don't tend to eat many Quorn products as I'm not keen on them - although the mince is quite good. I like tofu but never really know what to do with it.

So if anyone wants to share their vegetarian recipes, that'd be great...they don't have to be healthy - I'm trying to put on weight!

Thanks guys :)


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    Chickpea curry: pour a jar of curry sauce (Pataks or something) over chickpeas and cook through, serve with rice.

    Chickpea Cheating Lasagne:
    Chop some onion and soften in some oil, and then add a tin of chickpeas and a tin of butterbeans (or just 2 tins of chickpeas) and a couple of tins of tomatoes and a chopped pepper or something. Then you know those fajita things? Use those instead of lasagne sheets and layer them up with the chickpea/tomato mix and then pour cheese sauce over the top, and put in the oven until it's nice and cooked. It shouldn't take long because you've already cooked the filling.

    Erm... carrot soup - 500g of carrot cooked with 125g potato and an onion, with 600ml (ish) of water. Cook until soft, then put it in a blender, season and serve with some nice bread.

    Vegetarian toad in the hole: get a pyrex dish and put some oil in it along with some cauldron foods sausages. Put this in the oven until the oil is really hot. Pour over the batter that you've just made and then put it back in the hot oven for as long as it needs to cook but don't open the door while it's cooking or it will sink. I usually do roasted parsnips and then new potatoes and carrots and peas with this.
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    ice cream? If ben an jerry's is veg you could put on some weight with that stuff for sure! lol

    Oh, and I had a nut roast for lunch today, no idea how to make it though.
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