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For Those of Your with HD TV's

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Just bought my first HD TV - a 32 inch LCD TV

I was wondering what those of you with HD TV's have it connected to?

I've noticed the picture with standard Antenna is pretty rubbish but one you've got it connected to a standard Sky Box (With the colour system set to RGB) you get a decent enough picture. And DVD's look pretty decent enough.

Also connected it to an old Pentium 3 Laptop and the picture quality there is really good, unfortunately the Laptop Can't display a widescreen picture so there's a border down both side, but very decent picture there at 1024 by 768. And the laptop does well enough to allow me to surf the web, listen to internet radio and check emails through the TV, using a wireless mouse and keyboard.

BUT I've not got BlueRay / PS 3 or HD DVD or Sky HD / Virgin+

Anyone got anything that outputs the full HD Signal and how much better is it?

Also for those with Virgin are all channels available in HD or only a few like Sky? I believe Sky only has a total of 12 HD Channels - hardly seems worth paying £299 for a box + an additional £10 per month for just 12 channels which you'd already get anyway just at a lower quality setting.


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    ive got a 360 connected thru component to my hdtv, which i also use to play dvd's, picture quality is great. my other HD input is my laptop connected thru hdmi, which also gives a kickass picture :). However you're right, the picture from antenna is usually dreadful.

    oh and not all virgin chans are in hd
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    Sky came around today and installed a 2nd box for Multiroom - at first the picture on the new box was messed up - all the colours on RGB were just wrong .. luckily the Sky installer realised this and opened a new box and took out another Scart cable and that was fine.
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