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Private Schools face new criteria for Charity status

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This comes from a Beeb storyhere and also a previous article here.

Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary is considering forcing Private Schools to loan out teachers and facilities to the general public education system in return for their charity status. He believes that in order to enjoy the benefits that Private Schools get from their charity status (tax exemptions, etc.) they should demonstrate their contribution to the wider public good.

Personally I don't think I know enough at the moment about education policy to comment about the loaning of teachers. What I do know, and have seen evidence and research in spades to affirm, is that Private Schooling is perhaps the greatest factor in ensuring a prosperous adulthood and career. In years to come those able to get onto the housing market and those not able to, will also show a great divide between State and Publically educated citizens.

Eton and Harrow are charities?! Its an obscenity, and what is more some (breath)...person, on the BBC Have Your Say board, had this pearl of wisdom for us;
Only a socialist bigot could manufacture the delusionary rubbish that private schools are somehow priviliged to get a charitable status tax break.

Private parents pay for education from cash that has already been taxed and fees are not deductible. This takes a massive burden off the state system and enables more money to go to state schools. Imagine if the Government suddenly had to find free State school places for all the private school kids.

On that logic I should be so glad that, a system whereby a charitable institution's primary contribution has been to the Tory front bench; thats not a jibe, thats a fact. Currently the Tory front bench is filled with old Etonians, and throughout its history ex-pupils have been to a greater or lesser extent perennial figures here.

Of course they should have to open up their facilities to ensure charity status, and if they give us any more jip just yank it off 'em.


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    The EdExcel exam board are a charity...
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    ok, sorry I don't understand your point...
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    Erm.. maybe that they make money our of our education system and yet appear to do little in the way of "public good" and seem supported by the current Govt?

    I can't disagree with what the minister has said, but it seem like he is preaching to a left-wing audience here...
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    Well...yes I suppose but they are a service to which all have access at least, so no its not a very good or relevant example.

    Apart from that, why bring it up at all? The question was pertaining to Private Schools, and I fail to see the point in trying to draw an equivalence with a separate body with a completely separate character and function.
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