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No heartbeat found at 12-week scan

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I'm really sorry if this comes across as me being thick..

My colleague found out she was pregnant at about nine weeks. Always thought she couldn't have children (tried IVF, no joy) and so has two adopted little boys and thought her famiy was complete. Felt unwell for quite a while, went to the docs, laughed at him when he said he would do a pregnancy test "just to rule it out", and then found out it was positive!

Because she's just over forty, she elected to go for a private scan to test for abnormalities (I believe they look for the amount of fluid on the back of the baby's neck to assess the likelihood of having Downs). This was at about 11.5 weeks and her 12 week NHS scan was planned for next week.

However, she had the private scan yesterday and they found no heartbeat :(

(this is where I may sound thick!) Is this completely final, or could they just have missed it? I know they would have probably checked it again at the time.. :( What happens now? Will she have to have an operation (D&C?) What's the timescale for this?

She's due to go on a course next week so not come into work. Obviously she may well change her mind about it and work from home or even come into work, so I don't know when I will see her next. I've sent a text to say I'm thinking of her :(


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    That's very sad.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to locate a heartbeat, but generally it can be deemed that the foetus is alive as it's moving around etc. If it is confirmed that the pregnancy has died, then she might need to have a D&C. Sometimes women are offered treatment with misoprostol to continue contractions but I *think* that's normally when the woman is already bleeding, and it has been confirmed she is miscarrying.

    Family members of mine have had D&Cs due to missed miscarriages, and they are in and out in a day, it's not something that has really been talked about, but they take a few days off just to recover and get their head around things.
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    She said she had a bit of spotting first thing Wed morning (I last saw her on Wed afternoon), but it didn't continue throughout the day.

    Next thing I heard was when her husband came back to work yesterday afternoon (he's our boss) and told me.
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    Thats really sad.
    The same thing happened to my partner with his ex wife.it was absolutely devastating for them, she went a bit nuts after that (and left him) Its called a missed miscarriage, where the baby dies but the body doesnt reject it, so usually need an operation to remove it. Id say your friend needs a LOT of support right now.
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