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I am seriously freaking out big time about this semesters exams, they are all in 3 days, one after the other, starting on Monday next week, and I cannot get my head round them at all.

I've made huge changes over the course of this semester, namely actually putting effort into my cw and getting assignments in early, if not, on time, but the fact that I failed everything last semester is doing my head in, and I'm so scared the same thing will happen again!! I'm completely panicking, and because of that, over the last few days nothing seems to be going in at all...

Can anyone recommend anything to do to chill myself out a bit??

Thanks guys,



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    I felt kinda like this before my exams, cos i didnt go to many lectures I didnt really understand many of the courseworks and with a brief look at lectures i thought i wouldnt understand a thing... got me thinking fuck what if i fail all of them etc..

    How you feel about them is all about your mindset though, I changed mine to just focusing on the exams in hand, not considering what happens if I fail or do badly... after all you'll handle it whatever may come!

    Just properly get stuck in - one of the biggest causes of procrastination is fear.. once you really go over the lecture notes in detail youll start to understand bits of it, and for stuff that you cant understand just use google and find other sources... for shitloads of stuff on my course I have found WAY better explainations by external sources.

    Tell yourself you can handle the exams and whatever consequences come (because it's true), and just hit the revision hard!

    good luck with it, i know how you feel :)

    I got through mine (last one today :D:D:D) so you can get through yours !
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    Awwwwwwww thanks!! It took me almost all of this semester to try to deal with the mess of last semester, but I'm getting there, with help from various tutors etc. I am just anxious to see if my hard work has actually paid off!!
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    well wether it pays off or not life goes on :D just capitalise on what youve done by revising as much as you can now and focus on how well youve done once the results come in.

    try to 100% focus on the task in hand over the next couple days and that should relax you abit!
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