SH is getting out of control and idk how to stop

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i have been self-harming for the last 4 months and its getting so bad that i have to self-harmed everyday sometimes twice a day. My mom will totally freak if she sees them and its getting hard to hide

idk how to control this and im worried that im going so far that ill end up doing something that cant be changed. im scared to talk to anyone irl because then my mom will get involved or ill have to see the doctor and im scared to do that too idk what to do


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    Hey girlinpain :wave:
    first of all, do you have anyone you can trust to speak to about this? if they need medical attention you really should be seeking it.

    the first step is always the hardest, but if you dont speak out what will happen? if you talk to your gp they might be able to help without telling your mum. do you use any distractions? something that helps me is when i feel the urge, i'll take a pen and draw on the area i want to hurt, and just keep drawing, can be anything like a picture or i often just do patterns :)
    feel free to pm me if you want a chat :)*hug*
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    Maybe your mum may freak but only because she cares and may come as a shock? You deserve support and not self harm. Sorry youre going through this alone. But id suggest you seek help cause you dont have to do it by yourelf. & there are people who want to help. Theyd much prefer you to speak out than 'doing something that cant be changed'

    I know it sounds quite stressful and is hard to seek help. --BUt please be reassuared that if you went to your doctor that they just want to try and help you.

    Do take care
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    Hi girlinpain.

    It's really brave for you to be talking about this here since something like this can be so scary. Self-harm is a very serious issue and I would first recommend trying to talk to your GP or a healthcare professional about this. As I said it's understandable that you might be scared about doing something like that but talking to someone is what a lot of people find really helpful in this kind of situation.

    However if you would rather talk to someone anonymously about this there are a lot of great resources out there that could be of help. Groups like The Samaritans or Self Injury Support have some fantastic services that allow people to talk about their problems and figure out what's best for them. As you can tell from their name Self Injury Support is specialised in helping women and girls who are affected by self-harm so you might find them especially helpful.

    I hope this helps you find the support you're looking for.

    - Riley
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    im sorry i posted something that was wrong. i didnt mean to make anyone upset or trigger anyone. thank you for editing it so it wont hurt anyone else.

    its really hard to try and tell people coz where i live its really taboo and by law if your a minor then the doctor and teachers have to tell your parents whats happeneing with you. if my mom finds out things will get worse and they are already so bad that i might as well be dead for all she would care. shes already told me that she wouldnt mind if something happened to me coz it would make her life easier.

    im trying to talk here coz a friend said that i should try to talk to someone and this place hellped her open up about things. tbh idk what to do from here. im scared to talk on the other links idek why but i am i guess im just messed up idk
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    Hi Girlinpain,

    Sounds like your finding things really hard at the moment. Well done for being open about things on here as it can be the hardest thing to actually talk about how we are feeling, so well done.

    You aren't messed up at all and we sometimes all need some support to help with things so its fine to ask for support.

    Do you have any distraction techniques which you find are useful for when you feel that you might self harm? The mix have a good article which might be good to read through here some of these may be new that you haven't tried before.

    Is there anyone which you want to tell which could be able to help, this for example could be another family member?

    Keep talking. We are here for you.

    Life doesn’t require we be the best, only that we try our best
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    ive tried distractions but it only works for a little while and then i need to sh anyway. ty for listening, i cant even describe how good it feels just to talk about this to someone. i tried to talk to my cousin some time ago but she totally freaked out and now she doesnt talk to me anymore.

    I literally have noone that i can talk to. i wanted to talk to my youth pastor until he didd a sermon on sh and suicide and his views are extreme so i cant talk to him either
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    Hello girlinpain,

    I'm really sorry to hear that you're in this situation. I can understand how difficult it must be. You say you feel like there's no one you can talk to about it but I think who you could and probably should talk to about it is a doctor. Although they might tell your mum I think you should make them aware of how you feel about your mum and how you think she might react.

    Why do you think she'll react in this way?

    If you ever need anyone to talk to don't hesitate to get in contact!

    Alice :wave:
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    ty alice... i will. its very complicated and its difficult to explain but the doctor is not an option at all. ik how she would react to this and ik how my dad would too.... it would make it much worse and it wouldnt solve anything bc of the way it is.

    idk what i can do bc there isnt really much except for talk on here and tbh it helps more than i originally thought it would. I wish i could talk to somebody irl like i can talk here but i cant so i guess i have to live with it or not.
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    Hi Girlinpain,

    How are you feeling at the moment?

    I am glad that you are finding this an helpful place to talk and we will always be here for you. Do you have any friends which you could talk to about what's happening at all?

    Life doesn’t require we be the best, only that we try our best
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