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hey guys, i know i've left it a bit late, but starting to panic now and need some advice.
I'm seeing my cpn tomorrow and psychiatrist on tuesday, i really want to be honest with them about how much ive been struggling but i can never bring myself to do it. i was wondering if anyone had some advice to make it a bit easier? im just so scared ill end up chickening out or crying (something i never do infront of professionals) or ill get flustered about it and lose my words. i know i need to be open to get the right support, but it terrifies me, its like its my secret but soon it wont be... i dunno, im just rambling now so i'll stop...


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    Hey BubblesGoesBoo,

    Sometimes when I know I need to force myself to have a conversation, I'll bulletpoint the main things I need to say on the notes page on my phone. Then when I see the person, I'll explain I get anxious about having serious chats so have written down what I want to say... Then, you get your phone out but they can't see what you've written so you're still in control the conversation (& you still don't have to go through with it) but you have the prompt in front of you.

    What do you think? You mentioned you don't cry in front of professionals, is there a reason for that? Based on my experience, they seem totally used to blubbing!

    - Lucy
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    thanks :)
    i might try bullet pointing some things for my next session, it all just came out jumbled up and she stopped me cause she knew i was getting stressed out. it sounds like a good idea incase i change my mind last minute, which i often do :confused:
    i dont tend to cry infront of them cause last time i did (with a different professional) its when they realised how bad things had got so they sectioned me again, so i guess ive just made the link between crying and getting sectioned :(
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