Can't take it anymore.

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So basically, I'm a 15 year old girl and people (complete strangers) are calling out to me in the street "excuse me, are you a boy or a girl" every single day. Now i don't think i particularly look like a boy, maybe it's because of my haircut, i don't know. But this is really badly upsetting me and I don't know what to do about it.
Yesterday after school i broke down in anger and started throwing things around because i just can't stand living here anymore, can't stand living in this house with my parents who i can't talk to about these things and most of all i'm sick of going to school where i get bullied and walking home or even out in the streets on my own anymore because loads of people even bully me there about how i look i guess. my parents told me i was blowing it out of proportion and that i was being "very silly" but i can't help it. I ended up having a screaming match with my dad, he said some really hurtful things and i have just ruined everything and i am so full of pain and cannot stop crying and don't want to be alive even anymore what the hell do i do! i can't go outside because people will taunt me. i can't stay inside because i'll be clawing up the walls. I am taking a day off school as i type this because i am so worn down from all of this. And all because one person shouted "are you a boy or a girl" to me at my street.
So, basically, i need advice on
1) how to deal with anger
2) MOST IMPORTANTLY how do i let these comments from people not affect me so much
if anyone could help that would be great because i am just SO depressed!


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    Hey xHeartGirlx

    I'm really sorry to hear about what's been going on, and that you haven't found much support at home. It must be difficult when your dad tells you that you're being "very silly" when it's really affecting you so much.

    You talk about being bullied at school - are these the same people who are shouting out to you in the street? Being bullied is a really serious thing and it can have a huge impact on your life, so it's good that you're reaching out for help.

    I wanted to let you know about a great site that might help you deal with the bullying - it's called Cybermentors and it's run by BeatBullying. You can get help by talking to a mentor, contacting a counsellor or going in to their support lounge, which is a bit like these forums, but more geared towards bullying.

    I'm sure others will chip in to add their advice on your situation too, but wanted to let you know about CM in case you think it could help.

    Take care *hug*
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    Thanks for the link, I joined the website and it seems really cool :).
    In reply to your question about whether or not they are the same people, they aren't. This seems to be causing quite a bit of confusion amongst my parents: there are mean people in school who have always been mean but I don't really care about them so much. It's just the random people in the street when I'm out and about/walking home who I don't even know and they've never seen me before either I just guess they feel like having a laugh at a stranger's expense.
    The thought of someone saying it to me again, which I know they inevitably will, is making me scared to go out :(.
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    I'm sorry to hear that strangers are being so nasty to you *hug* I'm not surprised that it's making you feel a bit uneasy about going out, but there are ways you could cope with it. If it's happening at certain times or in certain places, either avoid those places altogether - or if that's not possible, try and make sure you are always with someone else at those times.

    I'm glad you joined Cybermentors - have you used it yet? I'm sure you'll find others on there who have experienced this and who can support you and understand what's going on.

    I'd also urge you to try and talk to your parents about this again and try to make them understand how much it's affecting you - perhaps you could print out this thread if you are finding it hard to verbalise your feelings?

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